Rapid, reliable, relentless response.

Deploys from height

U SAFE can be deployed from up to 30 meters above sea level. Launch it into the water from a low flying aircraft, a cliff or a bridge.

Steers clear from obstacles

An advanced, self-propelled navigation system and intuitive, single-handed remote control allow U SAFE to get where it needs to go, while avoiding rocks, piers and other hazards along the way.

Braves the toughest waters

The innovative dual turbine system allows the device to fully operate regardless of how it lands in the water, or whether it is capsized by waves.

Optimized for lifesaving

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Norwegian Rescue society

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Breakthrough technology

"U SAFE is a perfect example of how accepted norms in the products we use can be examined and improved by great design."

Our dual turbine propulsion, patented in 72 countries, means U SAFE always knows the way towards its rescue target.


Maximum speed




Average range

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