We build lifesaving
robotic buoys.

U SAFE is a breakthrough robotic buoy that enables professionals & first responders around the world to save lives in the water. Rapidly, reliably, and in every condition.

Enhanced Performance

Meticulously designed to save lives. Even in the harshest conditions.

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Expert Design

U SAFE is designed by maritime experts deeply aware of the needs of first responders and those being saved. Made in a European factory built solely for our buoys, U SAFE is powered by dual turbine that keep it moving towards its target, even if flipped over by waves.

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High Performance, Low Maintenance

U SAFE is powered by a lithium ion battery that is easily recharged with either our custom induction smart charger or directly, with the ability to be swapped out easily of needed.

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Maximum Control

With an intuitive waterproof remote control and handles to hold on to for those being saved, U SAFE empowers responders to maneuver in any situation with simple and unparalleled control.

Key features

Dual Turbines

Our dual turbine system, patented in 72 countries around the world, ensures that U SAFE continues in the direction of its target, even if it is overturned by waves.