We are a team of professional mariners, ocean racers, engineers and more, dedicated to merging our passion for the water with breakthrough technology and meticulous design to save lives around the world.

We created U SAFE with a firsthand understanding of the risks and dangers of the water, leveraging our expertise to redesign aquatic lifesaving.

U SAFE is changing realities around the world, already patented in 72 countries across six continents.

By transforming a stagnant buoy to a self-propelled system, by moving beyond onsite action to remote action, by ensuring maximum safety and simplicity for both the rescue and the rescued — we have created a smarter, faster, more intuitive way to save lives.

Interview with the inventor

Jorge Noras

Lifesaving Reimagined


U SAFE was not released before we ensured it delivered on real needs. Our team of maritime leaders, electronic and mechanical experts worked with product designers to create a prototype that we distributed to professionals around the world.


We acted on professional input to optimize and manufacture a robotic buoy that could save lives in the many situations faced by our clients: when deployed from a helicopter, when tossed from a boat, to reach targets and to transport them to safety.


To meet the needs of our responders, we designed a U-shaped buoy composed of one continuous element, with zero openly exposed electronics — guaranteeing the highest level of safety in the water. No existing factory could produce this design, so we built our own factory in Portugal, uniquely created for the assembly of U SAFE.


Our factory includes machinery built to test each and every robotic buoy produced before it is distributed to save lives. And the testing doesn’t stop here. We continuously collect the needs of our clients to further enhance the software and hardware behind U SAFE.

Optimised for lifesaving

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