U SAFE® Oceania

The team at USAFE Oceania have three lifetimes of ocean experience and been part of the USAFE story from the beginning. Our team became involved at the R&D stage. We established our company purely to distribute USAFE throughout the Oceania region.

Improving marine safety and preventing people drowning are the reasons USAFE Oceania exists. The ocean remains a dangerous frontier for all people, regardless of how experienced you are. One slip, one accident, or one poor decision can put you in a life-threatening situation. If that happens, USAFE can be there for you.

USAFE Oceania’s ocean experience and knowledge of the USAFE device mean they are the best possible people to work with you when assessing you marine safety options. Our expertise, integrity and professionalism are the cornerstones of our business. We will partner with you to save lives.


Pat Langley, Director

Sailor, Ocean Paddler, surfer, businessman. Pat has built several businesses including the Ocean Apparel company, Vaikobi. He brings passion, ocean experience and business expertise.

Nick Bice, Director

Professional sailor and former Technical Director of the Volvo Ocean Race, Nick has lived the most extreme marine experiences. Now an extremely professional businessman dedicated to water safety.

Jordan Spencer, Director

Sailor, lifesaver, surfer, ocean paddler, businessman. With extensive experience in business and a lifetime on the ocean, Jordan has run several businesses and saved multiple lives.

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